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The neck pickup firebird a really good firebird sound, firebird 1.5 4. All in all this guitar is great, firebird 1.5 4, solid, stays in tune.

The neck is a bit wider than your average guitar too, which is perfect for chord shapes if you have riscos ergonomicos no escritorio hands like me.

Also great for shredding, it doesn't feel like you're playing a toy. I'v had this beautiful guitar sunburst for 5 years now. But it just hangs on my wall. The neck is heavy, you have to hold it up from falling down when your strapped in. The alinco minis suck bad in my como escrever tcc, they sound really cheap. But the worst part is it goes out of tune almost instantly after using the whammy.

I'd rather play my 1.5 squier mini. This guitar is a classic! I brought 1.5 guitar to my band and they all loved the sound of if. I love everything firebird this guitar!! This Firebird is an experience on its own. I bought this and have to tell you the tuners are to die for I saw a pictures of a dinged one and saw the lamination chipped off Its also a bit bulky in tight areas and can bump into things I figured I'd use it as a knockabout like the previous owner obviously had done and 1.5 am very pleased with the purchase, not only because I paid low for it but because of the results it gives.

I found the worn cherry red finish and lack of raised center to 1.5 boring, but I've learned to live and love. I added a Bigby B5 to it and the thing still stays in tune very well. It's neck-heavy, and dive was a problem, so I solved it by moving the front strap pin to the back at the neck joint where a Gibson would be and it's a bit better. The stock pickups are pretty good for a standard overdriven rock sound.

It's very well built. My only complaint is the tuners which really do stay in tune great but are a pain when changing strings. I found a pair of vice-grips are almost needed when pulling the string tight to clamp them down and a wrench to tighten the clamps enough to hold. All-in-all I totally got my money out of it and love to play it; I could see myself owning it for many years. Recently purchased this from this site, and wow was I surprised when it got into my hands, the photographs online really do not do the finish on these guitars justice.

The tone of the guitar is superb, it has all the crunch of the epi les paul, but brings out more high end tone, really great sounding, the string-through design, is really unique and took a little getting use to when I re-strung it I don't bother playing on factory strings anymore its wonderfully light weight too, you can play this axe for hours and not even feel it. I bought this guitar after researching it and without playing it.

When i got it it was in perfect condition and the action was perfect. It plays everything from RocknRoll to Blues perfectly. The color is much darker than the picture. Similar to as SG. The neck is straight and the frets are georgesly done. The only problem i had at all was figuring out how to change strings. If you miss the obvious method like me just go to the Steinberger website and find the instructions because its very simple.

Speaking of the tuners theyre excellent and they make string changing a breeze. If your a Strat style player this guitar might feel a little awkward at first with the neck heaviness and unusual body but with a few hours of play time youll be just fine. Overall the best guitar ive ever bought. I bought this guitar about a year ago and after a couple of alterations, really like it. It's different than the "classic" style Firebirds no mini humbuckers for one thing but not necessarily bad different.

Definitely a different kind of tone though. Yeah, it's a little bit neck heavy like all Firebirds but it's not terrible. The fretboard is very smooth, a breeze to play and the neck is a little wide which makes the string spacing awesome for fingerstyle playing It's got a nice, solid feel and great sustain. The pickups on mine were actually pretty decent although the Dimarzio 36th anniversary PAFs make it even better. The one thing I could never warm up to was the tuners.

I just found them inconvenient and replaced them with Grovers pretty quick I was just relating to my guitar tech today that if I had it to do over, I'd buy this one again! I've loved the design since I was a kid. And the vintage sunburst that I purchased is beautiful The natural mahogany shines thru so well.

I 1.5 mine, usedfrom Guitar Center. My knees about buckled, firebird. It was definately love at first sight. Within 1 or 2 riffs, I knew I couldn't live without it and had to put a down on it then to keep it for myself!

The only 'con', if you can call it thatthat I've found is the unusual light weight of the body, compared to the heavier neck and headstock. It seems to want to tilt head-down when strapped up.

But, I simply took up a couple holes on the back end of my strap and it fell right into place.

I thought I had found my favorite axe in my Tele, but, the Firebird soon took over. Try one out and see for yourself!

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Sales rep was very helpful,great 1.5 it in time for holidays. Bottom Line Yes, Firebird would recommend this to a friend. Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.

Not shipping to Portugal? We're sorry-this item is unavailable. Open quick view dialog for Epiphone Firebird Hardshell Case. A flawless Firebird with a unique finish! Get one before they're gone and you'll stand out from the pack. Review Snapshot by PowerReviews. Epiphone Firebird Studio Electric Guitar.

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Most Liked Positive Review. Most Liked Negative Review. See the entire review here, check out the Firebird, Building on its reputation as the bike for all-day missions on black diamond terrain, the Firebird now features Phoenix DH-inspired long reach measurements combined with a degree head angle disciplina de pedagogia deliver unmatched To ensure the best sizing, we recommend that you visit your local Pivot dealer to get a professional fit and refer to our geometry chart to check cursos senac sc measurements.

We suggest that you pick your Firebird size based on your riding style. The new Firebird features long and 1.5 geometry with a sizing philosophy similar to the Phoenix DH. Additionally, with both shorter seat tube and head tube measurements per size, riders have a wider range of bike sizes to choose from depending on your riding style and preferences, firebird 1.5 4. Some riders may find it comfortable to go up or down a size depending on their reach and stem length preferences. Below is a general guideline: We make it easy to get the best ride out of your Pivot bike with a simple sag indicator already installed on your bike, and this follow-along video escritorio de design de interiores our own Bernard Kerr:.

The Firebird uses a There are some limitations that each dropper post can accommodate for each frame size based on the individual riders saddle height, so it is important to check fit firebird choosing the travel and model of dropper post for your Switchblade.

Use the linked guide to find the right post for your bike: This firebird a new hub 1.5 with wider flanges so you cannot take a current mm, mm, mm, or mm hub and change end caps to convert an existing hub. Pivot uses a 1. You can order one through our online store here:. The Firebird was designed a mm fork. The maximum travel length that can be used on the Firebird is mm travel. The Firebird was designed to run We are partial to the new line of Maxxis Wide Trail tires that come in either 2.

All Firebird complete bikes come with 2. The Firebird is not The Firebird uses an e-type Shimano side-swing style front derailleur only. Most upper guides on the market will fit and you can either use the ISCG05 mounts or some of the more compact versions that attach to an E-Type front derailleur mount.

The Firebird uses a ZS zero stack The lower bottom cup is a zero stack 56mm size. No brake adapter is needed for a mm rotor. The Firebird will accept all cranks designed for the BOOST system and compatible with a press fit 92mm bottom bracket. BOOST system means that the rear hub spacing is mm and the chain-rings have been shifted out approximately 3mm from where a tradition crank designed for a mm rear hub would be so that the chainrings will line up properly with the new position of the cassette on the mm rear hub.

There may be other 2X non- boost cranks available that will work although it is dependent on specific chainline and chainring size. If the chainline is not out far enough, the front derailleur clearance may be tight when shifting into the small ring as the front derailleur mount on the Firebird is also shifted outwards to accommodate the BOOST design. The Firebird shock uses M8 through bolt hardware on the front and no hardware on the rear.

Shock spacer dimensions are 22mm wide front. On the rear of the shock, the spacer hardware and bushing will need to be removed as the strut mounts directly to the shock body.

Some shocks may have a different spec then the Fox shock that the Firebird Carbon is designed for and may not fit properly. Also, as we cannot test every shock on the market, riders assume some risk if they choose a shock that does not fit properly or is not tuned correctly for the bike. The frame is designed around a large volume air can. We run medium compression valving and medium rebound damping. We do not recommend that you run a coil-over on your Firebird.

The Firebird was designed to work with the progressiveness of an air spring. The Firebird is slightly more progressive in the end-stroke then the Mach 6, however still not fully optimized for the linear nature of a coil shock.

In most cases, running a coil-over shock on the Firebird Carbon will result in hard bottoming and could result in damage to the frame and shock. Also, the clevis design of the Firebird puts increased loads on the small diameter, unsupported shock shaft of a coil shock that could result in shock failure and frame damage. We have done extensive testing with the PUSH industries ElevenSIX shock and they can custom tune a shock just for you that will have you and your Firebird grinning from ear to ear.

It also has a larger shock shaft and captures the spring at both ends to provide additional support.

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