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ISO 26000 / SA 8000

The organization has 8000 give commitment to do business iso with socially responsible suppliers. SA members are offered a self-assessment package and other tools to help them implement a policy on social responsibility. They are expected to notify their suppliers of their intention iso implement SA standards, and to set a timeframe for phasing out dealings with companies that fail to meet those requirements. Member companies are also required to produce an annual report 8000 their SA objectives, and outlining progress that has been made towards identidade e diversidade goals.

The second way is certification. It is intended for manufacturers and suppliers themselves. SA Developed by Social Accountability International SAISA is an assessment and certification standard based on international human rights conventions that focus on improving working conditions. First published in lateit was most recently revised in How can SA benefit my organisation?

Certification to the standard represents a well recognised, trusted and effective tool for assuring humane workplaces and can provide specific benefits including: No workers under the age of 15; minimum lowered to 14 for countries operating under the ILO Convention developing-country exception; remediation of any child found to be working Forced Labor: No forced labor, including prison or debt bondage labor; no lodging of deposits or identity papers by employers or outside recruiters Health and Safety: Provide a safe and healthy work environment; take steps to prevent injuries; regular health and safety worker training; system to detect threats to health and safety; access to bathrooms and potable water Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining: Respect the right to form and join trade unions and bargain collectively; where law prohibits these freedoms, facilitate parallel means of association and bargaining Discrimination: No discrimination based on race, caste, origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union or political affiliation, or age; no sexual harassment Discipline: Enhanced opportunities to organize trade unions and bargain collectively.

A tool to educate workers about core labour rights. Another opportunity to work directly with business on labour rights issues.

SA8000 Certified Organisations

A way to generate public awareness of companies committed to assuring humane working conditions. Benefits for manufacturers and suppliers. Marketing advantage more demand and value for goods from socially.

Enhancement of companys productivity. Compliance to the laws of the land. Drives company values into action.

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Enhancing company and brand reputation. Improves employee recruitment, retention and productivity. Supports better supply chain management and performance. Benefits for Consumers and Investors. Clear and credible assurance for ethical purchasing decisions. We are not associated or part of ISO Body. For purchase or information related to all such ISO standards visit www.

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