Hi. I`m driving instructor Joel, and today, we`re going to be learning how to park a car between two cars in a parking lot. I`m not a real instructor. "Queries of the Interweb." If you`re new to driving, you`ve come to the right place. We`re going to teach you how to park from the ground up. If you`re an adult and you still don`t know how to park, like you`re a grown person, you have failed at life and as a human being and you don`t deserve to be alive. You`ve probably also failed as a husband, as a father and as a professional. No amount of psychiatric therapy is going to assist you. That`s horrible. Take it from me. Nobody likes a parking douche. Make sure you know how to do it properly, so that you don`t piss off other people who are parked there. Let`s walk through the parking process together. So you`re driving into the parking lot and it`s time to park your car. Go ahead and follow these steps and you`ll have a successful parking experience without being douche.
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